The 2018 Oscars Winners: As Remarkable As The Nominees

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Announced a couple of months ago with one of the most diverse nominations in the last decades, the 90th edition of the Academy Awards took place last night with remarkable outcomes.

Jimmy Kimmel, who hosted the ceremony with sarcasm and irony throughout the night, is the first person to mention. Going down memory lane, in his opening monologue he both mentioned his first time hosting the event and the much-discussed fiasco of last year’s best picture proclamation. Starting from a political overview on the country and on the importance of the Oscars to be inclusive and fair, he then referred to a couple of the wonderful nominees of the night, mentioned previously in my article that you can find here.

Kimmel reminded people of the first ever female nominee for Cinematography, Rachel Morrison. Then mentioned Jordan Peele, who with Get Out, is only the third person in 90 years to be nominated for directing, writing and best picture for his debut film. He commented Timothée Chalamet’s first nomination, one of the youngest actors ever to be contended for an Academy for Best Actor, he noted his young age making jokes about the fact that he was present to the night while missing cartoons on TV.

However, it is not only the nominations that made this year’s ceremony better than the ones of the last few years, but also the exceptional winners. The representation and inclusion praised during the event were in fact represented by the cultural change that it is clear in Hollywood thanks to the winners of the night.

Frances McDormand, who has won the Best Actress award for ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’. In her emotional and powerful speech, she invited all women nominated for an award to stand up and look around. Then, mentioning the inclusion rider, a clause in movie’s contracts that urges for diversity to be comprehended in the production, she stated that it is time for women to be taken seriously.

Jordan Peele, mentioned before for his three nominations, won the award for Best Original Screenplay, who elevated him to the high standards of today’s Hollywood screenwriters for his first work. James Ivory made history by being the oldest winner of an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for the movie Call Me by Your Name, which touched everyone’s hearts over the last couple of months. Coco, a movie about a boy dealing with underworld experiences, and rich of Mexican culture’s representation, was awarded for both Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Song.

But, most importantly, as Kimmel foresaw in his opening speech “We’ll remember this year as the year men screwed up so badly, that women started dating fish”. In fact, The Shape of Water triumphed throughout the night: not only it took home its creator Guillermo del Toro with the award for Best Director during the night, but it also won the award for Best Picture, running against many excellent movies of the last decade. Celebrating again Mexican culture and the positive aspects of a multicultural award ceremony.

Hopefully, these results mark the beginning for a new cultural openness that it is needed within the movie industry. From sexual harassment to unequal pay, all actresses and actors are finally working together for a common goal and this can not only lead to an improvement of their life within the industry, but content. And I can’t wait to watch where it will take the art of cinema.

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