2018 Full Moon Resolutions

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2018 started with a full moon, more exactly a supermoon! There is going to be a major energy shift, this is the time when you just follow your intuition. So we wish to stay close to your hearth and follow it…

Here there are our 2018 resolutions:

– Be the change 

This need to be the must in the new year: how many times we complain about things are not going as we wish…… but what do we really do about changing our own behavior ? Instead of comment about people being inappropriate start being more kind and respectful yourself! Let’s move our observation in the within and try to make the difference in the world

– Let go the old stuff

we should do this everyday, but the begin of a cycle is the perfect moment for throw away unuseful stuff, cleaning the wardrobe, be free and really detach from material objects and ideas.
we can’t start the new year full of old things, just let go!!!

– start a conscious  diet

Just after all the holidays and the feasts, we need a detox, for our body first!
Cleansing is going to be therapeutic also for our mind, because we will understand what is really important for ourself and what is ….. just junk food!
We also think this is a crucial moment to love ourself, the animal kingdom and respect the nature, a bit of awareness about what we put in our plate is going to be super important in this 2018! We are what we eat!!!

– love yourself

start a new relationship with the most important person in your life: YOU! We are worrying too much about what other people think about us, we look for approval in the wrong place, the person that you are dealing everyday deserve more love, less social network, more time for sports and wellness, less sugar, more sleep and dream, less email and work, more nature contact and less Iphone!  Use your resolution list to find some self love , it is incredible how we are busy fulfilling our life and we do not consider about some self love……

– start a new good habit

anything that makes you happier ! We always want the change , and if we start from a very little thing ( that thing that we always wanted to start but we never have the time……) now is the moment, no more excuses, we can do it if you want!

So let’s use the new year and the full moon energy to start 2018 full of positive vibes and good intentions!

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