13 Korean Influencers You Should Totally Follow

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Since they’re taking over the world, they may take over your Instagram following list as well. With the k-wave spreading all over the globe tight beside food, music, skin-care and fashion stands the Ulzzang world — Korean influencers who are playing an essential role in making all of the above more recognized worldwide.
The next 13 are our favorite picks, but let us know in the comment down below who your favorite k-influencer is!
1⭐️ KANG TAERI ( @taeri__taeri – 1.3 million followers )
One of the most well-known Ulzzang world-wide, the face of CHUU, Kang Taeri is also a highly appreciated model. In the past, she went under a lot of controversies since her outstanding beauty is mostly due to many surgeries. But besides that Taeri has got an extreme sense of fashion and a charming personality which helped her becoming admired all over the world.
2⭐️ LEE SOBIN ( @sooviin38 – 513k followers )
With a doll-like appearance, it is effortless to remember her. Sobin works for the clothing shop 2bani, who is playing a significant role in making her more and more famous in South Korea, and she’s also known for owning a shopping mall called E-unni. Not only an Ulzzang but also a brilliant businesswoman, which give us yet another reason why you should totally follow her.
3⭐️ YUNA ( @beautyclouduna – 47.8k followers )
If you are looking for someone who can give you some trustworthy skin-care tips, then Yuna is the best in her field. A 39-year-old woman who looks like she’s in her early 20s who knows what she’s talking about. But beware! All that glitters ain’t gold. Her skin-care tips are very dry-skin oriented, if you have an oily or just a combo skin it’s better for you to be careful following her, we don’t want your skin to be even more oily!
4⭐️ BYUN JUNGHA ( @1993kg – 596k followers )
Jungha is mostly known for modeling for Stylehanda, a South Korean fashion brand. This gorgeous face pops out in almost every campaign they made. With a pretty and cute appearance and a great sense of fashion, this model kept rising non-stop since 2017 making her way up in the Korean fashion industry.
5⭐️ LEE SANGBI ( @bba_na_na – 249k followers ) 
249k followers and counting this girl known as Banana for her rather unique appearance and facial features started from the bottom as a make-up artist. She’s appeared in several music videos, including MASC’s “Strange” and Elo’s “Rose.” Her incredible western features combined with her outstanding oriental beauty are probably her strongest charming point.
6⭐️ SON HWAMIN ( @hwa.min – 985k followers ) 
Born in 1996 this girl is about to hit 1M followers. Currently, in a relationship with Kim Minwoo – another Ulzzang – she travels a lot and loves to take pictures of her food. Her fair points are countless, only to say a few: her short black hair which makes her fairy-like skin stand out, and her bubbly personality will totally make you fall in love with her.
7⭐️ CONGPILATES ( @congpilates – 296k followers )
Very different from all the other Korean influencer is congpilates. Her strong personality, her love for fitness and healthy life makes her one of our favorites. The girl can dance, does a lot of fitness and pilates tutorials and has a perfectly toned body who really makes us want to have a body likes hers. Definitely a must-follow!
8⭐️ DJ SODA ( @deejaysoda – 2.7 million followers )
What’s better than an Ulzzang? A Dj! Known with her nick-name Dj Soda she made herself famous as a Dj thanks to her outstanding beauty and even more incredible talent as a Dj. She makes the party begins with her 2.7 million followers and her catchy groove, who took her to international events, definitely make her a face to remember.
9⭐️ LEE HOJUNG ( @holly608 – 448k followers )
You may already happen to know this natural beauty from the popular TV Korean Drama ‘Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ or from her fashion campaign made in collaboration with the famous rapper Zico. With her growing popularity, a lot of connection in the fashion industry and a natural talent for acting we can bet she’ll become someone to remember.
10⭐️ GABI MOON ( @iamchocobi – 259k followers )
Forget the white fairy skin. With her jaw-dropping body and sun-kissed skin, Gabi won Miss Bikini World in 2011. Gabi stands out for her unique appearance, very different from any other Korean Ulzzang, and her athletic figure who makes her a unique, rare gem in the Korean Fashion Industry.
11⭐️ LEE CHAEEUN ( @rockchaeeun – 178k followers ) 
Nicknamed Euny, she is a professional model who is not afraid to show off her body. Chaeeun has worked with Chuu Korea, Candy Lab Cosmetics, MLB Korea, WingsGirl and K-Star. By being featured in the Simon Dominic music video for his song “WON & ONLY” she confidently started climbing the ladder to make herself stand at the top spot.
12⭐️ HONG YOUNGGI ( @kisy0729 – 749k followers ) 
Her small, chubby and cute appearance really makes you feel immediate affection for this little but charismatic girl. In 2008 she won the first season of Ulzzang Generation, and after that, she kept on growing popularity. Although she is very young ( 1992 ) she is the mum of two children and no flaws at all!
13⭐️ PARK SORA ( @sora_pppp – 883k followers )
She’s a Stylenanda model and a 3CE ambassador as well as one of the most loved faces in the industry! With a very natural and graceful style, she really is an all-rounded Ulzzang who wants to grow even more significant.

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