10 Women On Instagram Who Aren’t Worried About What Society Thinks

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We are constantly told and explained to what true beauty is, as if it wasn’t just a perspective, but rather a rule of thumb.

In the magazines, on television, in the media, we are all insinuated the physical esthetics we should follow and the features we must have in order to be considered ‘attractive.’

Some people spend their whole lives searching for every way in which they can fit into that mold, while others adapt what was always labeled as a ‘flaw’ of theirs to the world, showing examples in which diversity and adversity are far more beautiful than what others tell us should be.

Many women use social media as their biggest weapon to fight societal standards and to prove to others that being different involves being confident; and that is the perfect equation to being perfectly imperfect.

These 10 women have not only created a platform around their ‘obstacles’ but they also empower others daily to live their truth and challenge society by embracing the differences that make them unique.

  1. Paola Antonini

This Brazilian beauty lost her leg in 2014 after a car accident, and since then, she has embraced the changes in her life. She has inspired millions with her charisma and will to adapt to what most would consider a serious physical struggle. She makes others realize that life comes as you take it and that it’s all about adaptation. Her beauty, style and optimism about embracing changes have prevailed through everything else gaining her 1.6-million instagram followers.

Let's? 💪🏼👊🏼 Início de semana é hora de voltar com tudo pra dança e academia! Quem vem comigo?

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  1. Diandra Forrest

The model and actress has albinism and she owns it in such a way that it’s almost enchanting to watch her photos on Instagram. Albanism is a genetic condition resulting in little or no pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes of those who have it. According to CNN, in countries such as Malawi, Africa, albinos are murdered for various purposes that include selling their body parts, and numerous reports throughout have stated the bullying and targeting of albinos because of their condition, yet Diandra proves that no circumstance is an obstacle for reaching one’s dreams, and that beauty comes in all colors.

  1. Madeline Stuart

Madeline Stuart wasn’t going to allow anything to get in the way of her efforts in becoming a runway model. Stuart, who has Down syndrome, has been on New York Fashion Week catwalks, and she flaunts her stuff confidently for 143,000 followers on instagram and a total of 750,000 online supporters of her campaign to become the first professional model with Down syndrome.

  1. Natalia Ponce de Leon

On March 27, 2014, Natalia Ponce de Leon’s life changed forever. She walked downstairs from her apartment in Colombia, to speak to a man who claimed to be her ex-boyfriend. She arrived at the door, and the next thing she knew, acid was thrown at her causing burns to her face, arms, one of her legs and a fragment of her abdomen. Her recovery lasted months and it included various surgeries, but today Natalia lives fearlessly, advocating for abuse and showing her ‘new face’ to the world, giving others hope and proving that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Foto por @fearofemptyspace ✨👱🏻‍♀️

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  1. Alicia Keys

Many of the influential women in this list are followed today because of their activism, and they became famous and known because they decided to rebel. Alicia Keys, though, rebelled while already being completely famous. The singer has indulged our worlds with amazing melodies and a voice that has very few comparisons, but Alicia, just like every celebrity, seemed to be perfect while on tabloids and in magazines, and she decided to put and end to the message of ‘fake beauty’ with a no makeup campaign. She seldom wears anything on her flawless face, which shows her freckles, beauty marks, and natural features. While many criticized her for doing it knowing that given her beauty she could pull off a no-makeup lifestyle, others praised her for encouraging other women to stop hiding behind 10 pounds of makeup and to not believe that everything they see in the media isn’t fully produced. Regardless, she lives her truth and we love her for it.

  1. Khoudia Diop

This Senegalese model dubbed herself ‘Melain Goddess’ taking pride in her skin tone. Twenty-year-old Khousia was bullied for her dark chocolate complexion, but she turned around and hit the haters with even more confidence at 15 years old by pursuing a modeling career and a charm that makes any girl notice her undeniable beauty. The media continuously reports on how darkest skin tones and colorism continue to draw emotions of inferiority to many, but this girl uses her platforms as the perfect way to show others that there are no rules when it comes to beauty.

Meet me today from 1-1:30 at the Beauty & Fashion experience at the L.A. Live Stage!! #betexperience Stylist: @stylebytori

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  1. Angeles Almuna

Angeles is an influencer who hit the fashion and arts scene in both Miami and New York City, creating noise and chit chat for her unique style, her photography, and later on for her activism. After Angeles was diagnosed with Cancer, she decided to share her story online, by not hiding from the cameras but rather standing right in front of them knowing well her stunning style and physique wasn’t going to change because of a disease, but rather inspire others to not let anything stand in their way to greatness – and so she does.

TUESDAY ~ A friendly Reminder | Being a #GLAM4GOODgis and embassador of @glam4good I have to communicate that today in #NewYork there is a special event to empower and support @5under40 Where @glam4good is proud to donate new clothing from @tadashishojio to 100 women under 40 battling breast Cancer! It is going to be an emotional event! Don't miss live today @glam4good ! Because I support #breastcancerawareness every month! So should you! 💖 I wish I can be there, but my heart and mind are with you! @5under40 | #shoppingsprees4free Tues. night! Love all and I am so thankful for this picture from my friend and talented photographer @nickgarciaphoto He took this picture of me one of those days that I was with pain, vulnerable but most important I was be able to show that this is me, a woman with style, passion , real, still pretty and with something to say through Art in my most difficult time! LOVE, Angeles | Make up by @joshuamribadeo | #glam4good #womenwholiftwomen #compassion #givemoretakeless #gratitude #humility #teamMA #getaneles #angelesalmuna #life #love #thankful #real@#unique #dreamer #fighter #fightinstyle #warrior #brave #fuckcancer #cancer #miami #powerwomen

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  1. Lizzie Velasquez

When Lizzie Velasquez was 17 years old, she logged onto YouTube to find a video showing the “Ugliest Woman in the World,” and as she clicked, she found herself being the topic of conversation. After countless bullying and teasing given her appearance due to a rare congenital condition known as Marfanoid–progeroid–lipodystrophy syndrom she decided enough was enough, and she would stand up to the bullies. Today Lizzie is an author, a motivational speaker and shows pieces of her life through her Instagram to 624,000 followers who she continuously inspires to follow their dreams and not listen to others’ opinions.

Taking in all the ☀️

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  1. Ashley Graham

One of the biggest topics within online bullying is body shaming. Some are ‘too fat,’ while others are ‘too skinny,’ and supermodel Ashley Graham knows all about fat shamers both online and in the modeling world. Graham, who has accumulated of following of more that 5 million instagrammers, while also gracing magazine covers worldwide, has done it by showing the world that someone with curves isn’t necessarily unhealthy and is definitely not sentenced to being unattractive. Now she fearlessly shows off her ‘bangin’ bod for everyone to see, while also advocating for more change to the modeling industry in terms of the body types of models they hire for work.

#Essentials collection #ashleygrahamlingerie 👙💋 link in bio

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  1. Winnie Harlow

Conditions of the skin can always make someone feel like they’re being looked at. They make others targets for bullying, so people often times try to hide them, yet Winnie Harlow doesn’t feel the same about how to live with vitiligo, a disease that causes loss of skin color in certain parts of the body. The supermodel, spokesperson and activist didn’t let her appearance stop her from going on America’s next Top Model, where she gained further prominence and represented an example for others who have skin conditions and don’t show them out of fear. Through her Instagram she posts dazzling photos with impeccable style and inspiration everywhere.

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