10 Reasons to Run with Your Dog

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Running is an excellent and healthy workout for people. But, running with other people isn’t always a pleasant or worthwhile experience. For multiple reasons, running with others can end up a nightmare. Thankfully, there’s another, better running companion available right inside your home, your dog.

The following ten reasons will convince you that your dog is a better running buddy than Mike, Jim, Karen, or Julia could ever be. After this article, you’ll never need to look outside your home for a running buddy again.

Won’t Waste Time Talking

No need for small talk before running with your dog. It’s all about the running for your pup. In fact, your dog’s excitement will be infectious, and your enthusiasm will elevate to their levels; therefore, creating an excellent atmosphere for your run.

There’s nothing worse than having a running partner who doesn’t want to be there and complains the whole time. In comparison, your dog will never complain about running. If anything, they might push you farther then you original attended to run.

A Dog Helps You Meets New People

If you’re reading this article, you know one universal truth: people love dogs. Due to this, other runners will come up and introduce themselves. I know, the whole point of this article is to avoid other runners, however, running with your dog could help you meet like-minded people.

Honestly, your pooch might make the introduction himself or herself. It’s a simple way to make new friends through a shared interest.  And it might turn out your dog gets a new friend too.

Makes Running Fun

Running isn’t an easy sport. It takes a lot to get up and go on a run every morning. A dog running buddy will make this much easier because of the joyous expression on their face as the wind blows their ears back. They create an atmosphere where it’s impossible for you to associate running with misery.

Thanks to this, you’ll start looking forward to getting up each morning and taking your run. Running won’t seem like such a burden. Most likely, it’s something you’ll start planning to do more of because of the fun atmosphere your dog creates.

Let’s face it; you’re probably going to walk your dog anyway. Why not, turn that into a run and make both of your lives better?

A Dog is Always Motivated

Once your dog gets the running routine done, they’ll become your motivators. They’ll know the exact time they’re supposed to run, and they will let you know it’s time. Your dog won’t take no for an answer when it comes to running. Good luck trying to say, “no” to a dog looking at you with their sad eyes.

There isn’t any procrastinating with a dog-running buddy. There’s no we’ll do it tomorrow.  They’ll make sure you stick to your schedule and get out for a good workout because it’s their favorite time of day.

A Dog Will Make You More Aware of Your Surroundings

As any runner knows, running is sometimes very dangerous. Whether it’s bikers or condensed roads, running forces you to be aware of what’s around you. Now, that we bring your dog into the mix, it will heighten your focus on what exactly is around you.

After all, any good dog owner knows that their dog’s safety is their responsibility.  This sense of responsibility will make you raise your awareness levels and assess the situations around you thoroughly.

Will Tire Them Out

By running with your dog, you’re guaranteeing yourself a few hours of a sleeping pooch. A tired dog is a fantastic benefit for runners who have to work during the day. It means you won’t come home to rip apart couches from your dog’s boredom.

In fact, the daily running will give them a way to get out their excess energy and make your life much easier. However, make sure to research your dog’s breed before taking them out for a run. Not all dogs can handle the same amount of miles.

Dogs Enjoy Running

Let’s be honest; sometimes we can’t stand the idea of running. However, this isn’t a problem for dogs. They’re born to run; therefore, their willingness to run at all times never takes a running session off the table.

On the occasions running seems like the worst idea, your dog will pick you up and get you going. As mentioned before, they’ll become the motivating factor in your life to keep your running regime consistent.

However, I need to make sure that he is fed enough before start running

Dogs Don’t Care About How Fast You Run

Running with a person who cares about their mile times is sometimes quite annoying. It ends up always being a competition between you and them about who has the fastest time.

With a dog, this isn’t an issue. Your dog will run at your speed and keep any judgmental comments to themselves.  Most importantly, you’ll never overextend yourself trying to keep up.

Your Dog Won’t Cancel

A dog will never cancel on you. In fact, your dog will probably constantly remind you that it is time to run. In comparison to a human running buddy, this is a welcome difference because people are very finicky.

See, people tend to have these things called lives and their plans can change quickly. Canceling plans isn’t a problem with a dog because their lives revolve around you. With a dog-running buddy, the only way a workout gets canceled is by a situation affecting your life.

A Dog is Never Late

Unlike running with another person, a dog doesn’t have the luxury to arrive late. You have total control over when the workout starts and ends. You’ll never be standing around and waiting for your dog to show.

More importantly, you’ll never have to wait until the end of someone else’s run. There’s nothing stopping you from moving onto the next part of your day after your workout.


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